White Paper: The Rise of the Digital Adviser

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Becoming digitally-enabled gives you an advantage over both robo-platforms and traditional advisors.
Technological advances in the wealth management industry were initially ignored. Then, with the rise and popularity of the “robo-advisor”, they were feared. Now? The chance to utilize a dynamic hybrid model – still human but with digital enhancements – is an unparalleled opportunity to reach more prospects, earn more profit, and retain more clients.Why You Need This White Paper

It’s all in your approach and attitude to it. The right tech tools can provide you and your client roster with everything necessary for business success in the 21st century: mobility, convenience, accessibility, efficiency, data and more.

What You’ll Learn

  • Back office and customer-facing benefits of technology tools in your practice.
  • The four key considerations for improving customer experience and productivity.
  • Examples of technology-assisted marketing and development.
  • The changing opinion of advisors towards new technology.

It is not the end of days. In fact, technology in the financial sector is only scary if you ignore it.
What percent of affluent investors want access to their financial information any time they want? What answer experienced the largest upswing between 2013 and 2015 when clients were asked their biggest consideration when evaluating new technology?

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