Webinar | The Advisor’s Guide to Communicating in Turbulent Times

Only 8% of clients want you to begin a conversation with a great investment opportunity.

So what is the best way to engage clients at any time in the market?

Financial professionals are the critical link between clients and the vast financial system. What often distinguishes the good from the great financial professional during troubled times is the ability to communicate between these two worlds effectively. Invesco Global Consulting’s mission is to help financial professionals do exactly that. In speaking with financial professionals during this time of market volatility, Invesco keeps returning to three main points:

– Make sure you are caring for yourself.
– Focus on clients’ personal implications rather than market moves.
– Never lose sight of the long term.

Invesco research shows that maintaining resiliency, letting your clients know you’re there for them, and keeping your eye on the long term can make all the difference when markets become unstable. Join this webcast to hear Lisa Kueng, Director of Creative Campaigns at Invesco, cover top tips on these three points from “What Matters Most Right Now: The Resilient Advisor,” Invesco Global Consulting’s framework for working with clients and strengthening performance during uncertain times.

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