Webinar | ‘Preferrals: The Unmasking of Asking’ with Invesco

Oranj and Invesco investment experience.

Are you an advisor hesitant to ask your clients for referrals? “Preferrals” is a framework designed to help advisors overcome their apprehension of asking for referrals. This research-based approach seeks to transform the outdated and potentially harming referral into a low-risk offer to help friends, colleagues and family members based on the advisor’s genuine concerns.

During this webinar, Maura Scherer, Director of Creative Campaigns at Invesco, and Mike Ursitti, Sales Director of Oranj, explored new ways to think about how to leverage existing relationships to win new business.  Additionally, they covered:

  • Key principals of this unique way of thinking about referrals 
  • Ways advisors can personalize their “preferrals” for immediate application. 
  • How Oranj, the industry’s first free wealth management platform, can help advisors make the most of new-client opportunities.

Listen to the webinar