Webinar | Oranj + Redtail CRM Integration Overview


Coming off the announcement of their new integration, users of Oranj and Redtail can leverage improved workflows when connecting with clients and prospects, as well as managing the investment strategies they oversee. In addition, Redtail users can use Oranj for free, helping them to reduce their practices’ software costs by potentially replacing other costly software they’re using to run their businesses.

During this webinar, Adam Stolz, Oranj’s Sales Director, and Chris Gonzales, Redtail Partner Relationship Manager, provided an overview of all the benefits advisors using one or both technology platforms can realize. Additionally, they covered:

  • How the advanced Oranj and Redtail integration enables advisors to experience real-time updates across both platforms. 
  • More about Redtail, a leading provider of client relationship management (CRM) software for financial services firms. 
  • More about Oranj, the industry’s first free wealth management platform.

Listen to the webinar