Webinar | Oranj + Adhesion Wealth Overview


Adhesion Wealth + Oranj have partnered together to provide users access to nearly 500 sub-advised strategies from a variety of best-in-breed 3rd party asset managers on Oranj’s Model Marketplace! In this live overview, Ben Heidari, Director of Managed Solutions at Oranj, and Alex Morris, Managing Director at Vestmark Advisory Solutions, provided insights into how advisors and their clients can benefit from this new partnership.  In addition, this webinar covered:

  • An overview of Oranj and Adhesion, as well as how Adhesion works with advisors as well as 3rd party asset managers.
  • How the combined solution of Oranj and Adhesion provides efficiency and scalability in all advisors’ practices, allowing them to spend more time addressing clients’ financial planning needs and the advisors’ business development goals.
  • The ease with which advisors using Oranj can begin utilizing the service of 3rd party asset managers, all within the Oranj platform

Listen to the webinar