Webinar | Best Practices: Solution-Based Asset Management

Best Practices: Leveraging the Power of Third-Party Asset ManagementA study once concluded that the #1 selling item purchased at a hardware store is a quarter-inch drill bit. 

An interesting note about this study is the fact that no one who purchased a quarter-inch drill bit, actually wanted a quarter-inch drill bit.  What they wanted, was a quarter-inch hole.  They wanted the outcome the tool provided.  Clients want the same thing.  They want the solution.  They want to achieve a desired outcome.  Taking it a step further, the most powerful thing a financial advisor can do is give clients a solution they did not know they needed to a problem they did not know they had. 


Advisors who successfully do this are strongly positioned in the minds of their clients. 

Join Ben Pahl, President of Liberty One Investment Management, as he demonstrates how to easily incorporate various solution-based advising techniques into your practice.

  • Increase client referrals
  • Increase client wallet-share
  • Easily capture and retain more client assets
  • Easier to manage client expectations and emotions during volatile times

Our Webinar Speakers

  • Ben Pahl, President, Liberty One Investment Management
  • Bria Santiago, Client Success Manager, Oranj