Sub-Advised Strategies Through Adhesion Wealth Now Available on Oranj


As announced at the end of 2018, we partnered with Adhesion Wealth to provide Oranj users access to nearly 500 sub-advised strategies from a variety of best-in-breed 3rd party asset managers. Today, these strategies are available to be accessed by financial advisors through Oranj’s Model Marketplace!

Advisors can leverage the expertise of an external manager to allocate client assets to one or multiple sub-advised strategies in a single technology platform through a process as simple as setting up a dual-contract separately managed account (SMA).  In just 18 months since the launch of Oranj’s model marketplace, more than 1,400 products and models are now available from 17 asset managers.

“We consistently look to partner with organizations offering innovative solutions and access to high-quality managers without increasing an advisor’s cost of doing business,” said David Lyon, Founder and CEO of Oranj. “Adhesion Wealth is an ideal partner because it provides seamless access to hundreds of managers, and work with us and our clients to incorporate managed strategies into portfolios.”

Oranj and Adhesion Wealth will be co-hosting a live webinar on Thursday, May 21 at 3:00 CDT.  This overview will provide insights into how advisors and their clients can benefit from this new Oranj and Adhesion partnership.

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Read the full Press Release here.