Oranj Speaks at Advisor Thought Leader Summit

Oranj was a proud participant in the first-ever Advisor Thought Leader Summit! Lauri Hofherr, our Head of Product, had the opportunity to share her thoughts with the other thought leaders attending.  This one-of-a-kind event took place November 9 & 10, 2018 at the University of Chicago Gleacher Center.

These two videos (below) bring to life the character and culture of Oranj — and Lauri’s enthusiasm for her role here. We love Lauri’s infectious energy and dedication, which she brings to everything she does as a senior leader at Oranj.

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Lauri Hofherr of Oranj talks about the challenges advisors face as they work with their clients in the age of digital everything. Recorded live at the Advisor Thought Leader Summit.


Lauri Hofherr of Oranj tells us how she came to be Head of Product Development for Oranj and about a message she once got from Steve Jobs. Recorded live at the Advisor Thought Leader Summit.

To learn more about the Advisor Thought Leader Summit, visit www.AdvisorThoughtLeaderSummit.com.