Oranj Announces New Integration with MoneyGuide

Oranj is thrilled to announce a brand-new integration with MoneyGuide, one of the most popular and powerful financial planning platforms available to financial advisors today.

The new integration, available today, gives MoneyGuide users the ability to identify thousands of different types of held-away accounts without an additional monthly subscription charge. Users will have access to Oranj’s comprehensive suite of tools including a client portal, account opening, institutional-grade trading and rebalancing, all for free.

“The integration between Oranj and MoneyGuide is helping to make a single login solution for both investment management and financial planning. With Oranj, I can create my client households and then either feed an existing client record or create a new one within MoneyGuide with investment account information,” said financial advisor Jason Preti, CFP®, president of Unleashed Financial LLC. “This helps keep my financial plans up to date and is a huge efficiency boost.”

Oranj and MoneyGuide will be co-hosting an informational webinar on March 26, 2019 at 3:00 PM CDT, providing an overview of this new integration and a comprehensive introduction of Oranj and MoneyGuide. Attendees will learn how the integration enables users of both Oranj and MoneyGuide to ensure client account data is kept accurate and up-to-date, as well as how to use this integration to increase efficiency during financial planning and reduce data entry errors while reducing technology costs.

Get started with Oranj & MoneyGuide Integration.

Read the full Press Release here.