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OranjMAX's end-to-end, free to use wealth management platform empowers today's modern financial adviser.

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Guided Onboarding

Step-by-step setup lets clients and prospects build their entire financial profile in just a few minutes. Advisers can add their firm’s logo to brand OranjMAX as their own, and easily invite contacts to start using the platform for free.

Account Data Aggregation

Secure aggregation allows users to link personal financial accounts from over 15,000 institutions to build their complete financial picture. Real-time alerts notify advisers and investors anytime an aggregated account needs extra attention to keep updated.

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Collaborate with Clients and Prospects


Interactive charts, including net worth, investment history, and more help advisers stay updated on the current state of their practice. OranjMAX’s activity feed lets advisers monitor activity in real-time, including when a account or goal is updated.

Account Open & Transfer

Powerful DocuSign integration automates custodian specific paperwork, and captures electronic signatures for opening or transferring investment accounts. Risk tolerance questionnaires for investors let their adviser know which portfolio options are right for them.

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Build Investment Strategies

Investment Marketplace

Create investment portfolios using pre-constructed models from leading asset managers that best match client goals and risk tolerance. Compare holdings, research performance details, and easily add to your firm’s collection.

Custom Models

Build custom models at the security and class level using a wide array of available fund options from our asset partners. Examine detailed historical return and assign weightings that best fit for your investors.

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Rebalance and Trade Client Portfolios

Rapid Rebalancing

Built on a decade of research at TradeWarrior, rapid rebalancing helps advisers optimize client’s investment portfolios like never before. OranjMAX identifies when accounts drift out of balance so advisers can review buy/sell parameters, projected investments, and more

FIX Trading

Seamlessly trade securities across multiple custodians using lightning-fast FIX trade routing. Customize trade settings including cash, deviation tolerance, and frequency before you review investment accounts.

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OranjMAX arrives soon, and by partnering with some of the leading firms in the investment industry, this powerful platform is available to all advisers at no cost now and forever.

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