Revolutionary software for servicing, collaborating, managing, and connecting with clients and prospects


Modernizing the Adviser & Client Journey

Oranj is simple, scalable digital advice software that allows for easy client on-boarding and real-time collaboration. Clients get the information they need, when they need it, and advisers get to focus on what they do best: advising their clients.

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Digital Advice with a Human Touch

Oranj gives advisers the tools needed to modernize their entire wealth management experience, and clients get the tools they need to stay connected to the service and value that their trusted adviser provides.

Powerful Investment Implementation and Management

Advisers can help keep their client’s on track to reach their investment goals using Oranj’s trading and rebalancing tools.

Fully Customizable Investment Strategies

Advisers using Oranj can recommend the most appropriate investment strategies for clients & prospects that include virtually any investment vehicle.

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Oranj is more than just a product, it’s a way of thinking.

Oranj Dashboards connect advisers to clients & prospects with user-friendly, intuitive and collaborative features.

The Adviser Dashboard is designed specially for professionals to deliver personalized advice in a digital environment. With Oranj, advisers are uncovering new ways to service clients, connect with prospects and utilize rich data to run better businesses.

The Client Dashboard engages clients and prospects to have a deep personal relationship with a modern and convenient experience. They can quickly access the information they need to stay connected to everything going on in their financial life, accessing your service and expertise whenever, wherever.

Account aggregation provides real-time insights into clients and prospects financial life as markets move, including portfolio asset allocation, net worth, and cash flow analysis.

Oranj aggregates all managed and held away accounts including investments, bank accounts, credit cards, loans, property value, and insurance.

Managed Accounts Oranj connects your managed accounts from over 200 different custodians, direct fund companies and fixed product providers.

Held-Away Accounts Your clients and prospects can aggregate their financial accounts from over 20,000+ institutions.

Property Simply by adding a client or prospect’s home address Oranj will aggregate their property value through our integration with Zillow.

Onboard Seamlessly

Prospects provide their financial details, goals, and risk tolerance before they even transfer an account. You have all the information you need to assess their situation.

Build Financial Profiles Instantly

Using their dashboard, a client/prospect can quickly get matched to a customized portfolio and complete the account transfer to the custodian of your choice.

Quickly set up and track goals to help you understand what is most important.

Set & Adjust Goals
Clients & prospects set and create goals, track their progress and most importantly collaborate with you to make adjustments as needed.

Track Goals
Track progress to goals on an aggregate as well as individual goal level.

Real-Time Updates
Advisers receive real-time updates of your clients and prospects goals as they change instantly through the advisor dashboard.

Eliminate lengthy meetings and service clients as their needs arise

Rather than needing to physically meet, you can use Oranj’s real-time collaboration features to give each client what they need, when they need it. Clients are able to adjust their goals, messaging and vault provides real-time communication.

Oranj’s live feed lets you know right away when someone needs your attention. Any life, account or goal changes are provided to you as they happen in real-time.

World Class Portfolio Building

In pursuit of helping advisers create the most appropriate investment strategies for their clients, Oranj now includes a full investment marketplace.

Advisers can utilize pre-constructed models from some of the leading asset management firms, or upgrade to conduct their own investment research and create custom models using virtually any investment vehicle.

Users can distribute created model throughout their firm, and actively track performance and risk statistics of underlying securities.

Advisers can help their clients stay on track towards their goals with new portfolio rebalancing and trading features.

Powerful Rebalancing

Developed with over ten years of innovative research and client feedback, intuitive rebalancing features help advisors optimize investment portfolios. Customizations include drift tolerance, do-not-sell, account cash minimums, tax loss harvesting, and more.

Precise Trading Features

Trade securities flexibly across multiple custodians and seamlessly using FIX direct trade routing from Raptor Trading Systems.

A Plan Without Limits

Oranj includes everything you need to deliver an amazing client experience from start to finish. Your white labeled dashboard allows you to create & manage an unlimited number of clients & prospects without any additional fees.


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