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A Complete Solution for the Modern Advisor

MAX is an end-to-end, practice-powering solution that gives financial professionals everything they need to provide investors with an interactive and engaging experience.

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Modern Front Office

MAX takes many of Oranj’s revolutionary practice management features to provide advisers with tools for servicing, collaborating, managing, and connecting with clients and prospects.

Diverse Investment Options

We’ve partnered with some of brightest, most innovative firms to offer advisers a wide spectrum of investment options that can be included in current or proposed investment strategies.

Powerful Back Office

We’ve put the best of TradeWarrior’s institutional trading and rebalancing into MAX to give advisers the back office tools they need to implement and manage their clients’ investment strategies.

Partnering to Help Advisers and Investors

We’ve partnered with some of the leading firms in the investment industry to provide MAX free of charge to all advisers. These partnerships offer users a diverse group of investments that can fit within any investment strategy. And thanks to our valued partners, advisers can use MAX at no charge – now and forever.

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Explore Features

MAX brings you the best capabilities of Oranj and TradeWarrior for a complete, end-to-end digital solution.


Connecting advisers to clients & prospects with user-friendly, intuitive and collaborative features.

Account Aggregation

Gain insights into the financial lives of clients and prospects.

Investment Marketplace

Access investment models from some of the industry’s leading asset management firms to implement with clients.


Prospects can build their financial landscape, goals, and risk tolerance before they even transfer an account.


Communicate digitally to eliminate lengthy meetings.

Account Open/Transfer

Open and Transfer accounts using seamless DocuSign integration

Trading & Rebalancing

Help clients stay on track with powerful portfolio rebalancing features.

FIX Trading

Quickly and accurately execute trades using FIX trading.

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