How It Works


01. Sign Up

Sign up for free and create your Oranj account in minutes to be taken through a guided on-boarding experience.  Through this process you will be able to white label Oranj, build investment models, upload contacts and set preferences.


02. Aggregate

The Oranj Advisor Service Team will work on your behalf to aggregate all of your client accounts from your custodian(s).  All you have to do is sign an authorization form and submit to your custodian(s). Once this is done, Oranj Advisor Services will work with your custodian(s) to ensure your client accounts are aggregated as quickly as possible.  This process can happen anywhere from one to three weeks, depending on how quickly the custodian can fulfill the request.


03. Customize

Make Oranj your own through building your model portfolios, customizing platform settings and client profiles.  Oranj was designed to enable you to be able to highly customize your preferences or use industry standard settings which are preset without any customization needed.


04. Invite

Invite prospects and clients to connect with you on Oranj. All you need is your prospect’s or client’s email address and Oranj will do the rest. Once you invite a prospect or client they are taken through a guided process to build their networth and goals.


05. Manage

From portfolio management to client management, Oranj has the tools and capabilities to help you manage your practice.

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