Win New Business

See how advisers focused on growth can use Oranj's free tools to extend their reach and capture the attention of investors.

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Gain a 360° Snapshot

Invite prospects to build their overall financial profile in Oranj by digitally aggregating all their personal held-away financial accounts. Use real-time data to gain an in-depth view of their unique situation and objectives, helping you establish a strong start to the relationship.

Identify Best Fit Strategies

Prospects can complete a custom risk questionnaire to identify their true risk tolerances and long-term investment objectives. As an adviser, you’ll be able to explore Oranj’s Model Marketplace to find strategies that best fit their goals and appetites for risk.

Digitally Onboard New Clients

When a prospect is ready to work with you, they can easily open or transfer managed accounts digitally with Oranj’s secure document vault and e-signature capturing process. It’s never been easier to win new business and service clients in modern ways.


How Else Can Oranj Power Your Practice?

Oranj provides a wide array of capabilities to help advisers reduce costs, run an efficient practice, and provide a differentiated level of service to investors. Best of all, Oranj is completely free for advisers and the investors they serve.