White Paper: The Generations Gap

What two things do most investors list as deal-breakers with an adviser?

What communication method do Millennials prefer more than Xers and Boomers combined? Investors of any age have certain universal needs, but their age does influence their particular wants. In order to get and keep clients, you need to recognize those.

It doesn’t take a year to get better at differentiating your client roster. In fact, after reading the report, you’ll be better prepared than many other advisers to address the specific needs of your clients and prospects.


What You’ll Learn

  • Why differentiation is so important to improve and maintain client satisfaction.
  • The surprising ways the 3 generations are the same.
  • Need to know stats and figures for each group.
  • Specific methods of communication preferred by each category.
  • The wants, values, goals, and concerns within each generation.
  • The latest predictions for shifting wealth distribution over time.