Direct Data Connection with TD Ameritrade Now Available in Oranj

Oranj now offers a direct data connection to TD Ameritrade! With this new data connection, advisers using Oranj can quickly and easily connect their Oranj account to TD Ameritrade to bring in all of the client accounts they manage – all at no additional cost.

Until now, Oranj had only been able to import managed accounts from TD Ameritrade through 3rd party account aggregators ByAllAccounts, Quovo, and Yodlee. With this new direct data connection, advisers who custody at TD Ameritrade can go straight to the source, ensuring the most accurate and up-to-date account data flows into their Oranj account.

Oranj users who custody with TD Ameritrade can visit the Help Center to see how to establish their direct data connection with TD Ameritrade.

Are you an adviser who custodies with TD Ameritrade but are not yet using Oranj? It’s free to use, simple to get started, and provides a wide array of benefits for both advisers and the investors they serve. Click here to get started today!