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Network to Find, Nurture, and Convert Prospects to Clients

As a successful financial advisor, you know there’s more to networking than handshakes and exchanging business cards. Your initial contact with a prospective client is only the first step in the process that nurtures your relationship and converts that prospect into your client.Continue Reading…

White Paper: Rise of the Digital Adviser

Becoming digitally-enabled gives you an advantage over both robo-platforms and traditional advisors.
Technological advances in the wealth management industry were initially ignored. Then, with the rise and popularity of the “robo-advisor”, they were feared. Now? The chance to utilize a dynamic hybrid model – still human but with digital enhancements – is an unparalleled opportunity to reach more prospects, earn more profit, and retain more clients.Continue Reading…

White Paper: The Generations Gap

What two things do most investors list as deal-breakers with an adviser?

What communication method do Millennials prefer more than Xers and Boomers combined? Investors of any age have certain universal needs, but their age does influence their particular wants. In order to get and keep clients, you need to recognize those.

It doesn’t take a year to get better at differentiating your client roster. In fact, after reading the report, you’ll be better prepared than many other advisers to address the specific needs of your clients and prospects.Continue Reading…

Infographic: Wealth Management for Affluent Millennials

Our infographic offers key stats to make more informed decisions in your pursuit of them. You’ll discover:

  • What separates an affluent millennial from a typical one (and it’s not just a higher net worth).
  • The surprising ways millennials are outperforming their Gen X counterparts.
  • The one social media platform you can’t afford to ignore.
  • Geographic locations you’re most likely to find them.

Continue Reading…

Infographic: Business of Being an Adviser

Download your free, full size, PDF copy of The Business of Being an Advisor infographic.

Find out how to simplify the typical advisor/client journey, address common pain points, and optimize business development and client management. Continue Reading…

Your Next Millennial Client

I know what you’re thinking: why bother? Millennials – also known as Generation Y – are young, lazy, and entitled.

At least that’s the stereotype. Many businesses and industries don’t see a lot of upside in going after them. The safe bet is targeting Gen Xers and their Baby Boomer parents, right?

Wrong.Continue Reading…

The Tools of Today’s Financial Advice

The game is the same, but the rules have changed. Your function as a wealth management advisor is largely the same as it always was, but how you go about delivering that has undergone a revolution in the past few years.

The new office “rules” for the 21st century can leave your head spinning. It’s no longer about the nice corner office, oak desk, and cabinet upon cabinet full of paper documents, reports, and correspondence with clients. Your neighborhood now is the the internet. Your office is the cloud.Continue Reading…

Pure Play Robos: A Primer

The robot apocalypse is upon us: robo-advisors. Stealing clients. Leaching millennials away from traditional advisors.

But not so fast. Are robo-advisors (an online wealth management service providing automated, algorithm-based portfolio management advice without the use of human financial planners) really taking over and relegating RIAs to the dustbin of history?Continue Reading…

Prospect Generational Profiles and Preferences

We would like to introduce you to our friends.

Katie, 23. She’s a millennial.

Andy, 41. He falls into Generation X.

And Betty, 64. She’s your typical Baby Boomer.

These three represent a cross-section of your clients as a wealth advisor. Different ages. Different backgrounds. Different financial goals. And it’s your job to provide them with a tailor-made product. You need to understand each one separate from the others.Continue Reading…

Client Conversations That Lead to Conversion

Financial advisors live in a service industry, beholden to clients and the relationships they create with them.

Yes, a keen understanding of wealth management and investment are crucial to your success, but so too is your ability to connect with the people you want to guide. It’s as much about conversations as it is about currency.Continue Reading…