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Vestmark: Coming Soon to Oranj

We’re excited to announce Vestmark has been added to the Oranj platform! Vestmark Advisory Solutions (VAS) will give Oranj advisors access to the more than 500 third-party strategies available today as models in the Vestmark Manager Marketplace (VMM). VAS also will perform the trading and related services required to implement the models selected by Oranj advisors for their clients, which can include both ETF strategist models and traditional equity strategies.Continue Reading…

Oranj Wins 2018 Industry Award!

Oranj has won a Industry Award for Account Aggregation Innovation! Oranj, the first free, end-to-end wealth management software, has been recognized by as a winner of their 2018 Industry Awards. The growing technology firm is recognized for their innovative approach to account aggregation, which layers multiple account aggregators on top of each other to ensure each respective aggregator is assigned the type and/or institution of held-away accounts they work best with, further optimizing the account aggregation process for advisers.

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White Paper: Shifting Economics of Adviser Technology

The financial advice industry has seen seismic shifts over the past decade that have changed the very fabric of what it means to invest. Technology has been, and continues to be, a major driver of change in the industry.

However, all technology is not created equal – and neither are the benefits it can bring to advisers, institutions, and the investors they serve.

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Oranj Now Integrates Directly with Redtail

Oranj is excited to share that we’ve completed a powerful new integration with Redtail, a leading provider of client relationship management (CRM) software for financial services firms! With modern connectivity between Oranj and Redtail now established, users of both Oranj and Redtail can leverage improved workflows when connecting with clients and prospects, as well as managing the investment strategies they oversee. In addition, Redtail users can use Oranj for free, helping them to reduce their practices’ software costs by potentially replacing other costly software they’re using to run their businesses.Continue Reading…

Direct Data Connection with TD Ameritrade Now Available in Oranj

Oranj now offers a direct data connection to TD Ameritrade! With this new data connection, advisers using Oranj can quickly and easily connect their Oranj account to TD Ameritrade to bring in all of the client accounts they manage – all at no additional cost.

Until now, Oranj had only been able to import managed accounts from TD Ameritrade through 3rd party account aggregators ByAllAccounts, Quovo, and Yodlee. With this new direct data connection, advisers who custody at TD Ameritrade can go straight to the source, ensuring the most accurate and up-to-date account data flows into their Oranj account.Continue Reading…

PIMCO and WisdomTree Join Asset Managers with Strategies Available on the Oranj Platform

Oranj Expands Selection in its Model Marketplace, Now Offering Advisers Access to 56 Models & 531 Funds

PIMCO and WisdomTree Asset Management have each joined the line-up of best-in-class asset managers who have made their model portfolios and products available on the free Oranj platform, which independent advisers utilize to help clients achieve their long-term financial goals.Continue Reading…

To Succeed in 2018, New Financial Advisers Need to Invest in Technology

The future of financial advisers is bright: The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects demand for advisers to grow at a rapid clip as savvier clients search for the best approaches to money management. Of course, becoming a financial adviser involves a significant investment in yourself through education, licensing, and building relationships. Newly minted advisers need to quickly understand the role technology investment can play in their practices.Continue Reading…

Watch: Supercharge your Back Office

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The Case for Free Fintech Software

The old saying “you get what you pay for” isn’t always true, especially when it comes to technology applications for the financial services industry. Independent financial advisers shouldn’t automatically dismiss free software as inferior to paid solutions. Continue Reading…

Video: Win New Business

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Advisers like you are working hard to set themselves apart – they need technology that extends their reach and truly captures the attention of investors.

Watch how Oranj makes it easier than ever for advisers to win new business, service clients in modern ways, and run an efficient practice. Best of all, Oranj is completely free for advisers and the investors they serve.