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Steering Clients Through Market Volatility

One of the most powerful advantages financial advisors has over robo advisory platforms is also the most obvious—being human. “The human touch” is more than just an expression in today’s wealth management industry, especially during periods of severe market volatility, like what we witnessed in early February.Continue Reading…

Oranj Expands Suite of Diverse Investment Solutions for Advisers

First Ascent, Marsico Capital Management, OppenheimerFunds, and SpiderRock Join Prominent Asset Managers Hosting Strategies on OranjMAX

Oranj continues to diversify its selection of investment solutions from best-in-class asset managers which independent financial advisers can cost-effectively and seamlessly utilize for their clients. Four additional asset managers — First Ascent Asset Management, Marsico Capital Management, OppenheimerFunds, and SpiderRock Advisors—now host model portfolios and funds on the OranjMAX platform developed by Oranj.

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Our Latest Study: The Shifting Economics of Adviser Technology

Financial technology has been slow to adopt the free software model that drives much of the digital world. Utilities that you use every day – email, document clouds, social networks – are completely free. Why should the digital tools required to run your practice be any different?

We’ve dug deep into these shifting economics and uncovered how advisers can reduce their overhead to pull ahead of the pack.

Our latest study – The Shifting Economics of Adviser Technology – takes a look at the evolution of free software in wealth management, and covers topics including:

  • Why the industry is slow to catch up on the free software model.
  • What areas advisers can cut on technology costs without reducing their services.
  • Where the new economic model of free software impacts investors’ bottom line.
  • How OranjMAX can be used at no-cost, and what free really means.

Click here to download our study and learn more!

Start 2018 Right

With year-end reviews underway or soon coming to a close, Oranj recently conducted a webinar to illustrate how OranjMAX can help you make your practice stronger than ever in and serve clients in brand-new ways in 2018. Adam Stolz, Sales Director, covered:

  • Three ways advisers can use OranjMAX to unify their practice and provide a differentiating level of service to clients and prospects.
  • An overview of OranjMAX and all the features and capabilities advisers can leverage to support their business.
  • The free model of financial technology for advisers – free is free – and free doesn’t equal cheap.

You can watch a recording of the webinar here! To learn more about OranjMAX, visit

3 Tips to Help Advisers Engage Better with Prospects

Just as independent financial advisers need to provide clients with the personalized experience they want in order to keep their business, advisers have to engage with prospects on the latter’s terms in order to convert them to clients. Understandably, advisers want to put their best foot forward during discussions with prospects, but not all prospects want to peruse the same materials, nor do all prospects possess the same understanding of the nuances of financial advice and planning.
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The Hidden Cost of Portfolio Rebalancing

As many advisers know, portfolio rebalancing and optimization has many benefits for their clients. Investors’ portfolios can stay on track, reallocated due to changes in goals or risk tolerance, and even save money through tax efficient investment decisions.
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Three New Year’s Resolutions for Independent Advisers

Ask yourself how well you and your team managed relationships with clients over the past year, and whether or not you achieved your business goals.

It’s that time again. Financial advisers are busy reflecting on the year that’s nearly passed, and planning for the one ahead.

While it’s important to review client accounts and financial plans at year-end, advisers should also consider the performance and operation of their business during 2017, and how they can improve in the new year. Ask yourself how well you and your team managed relationships with clients over the past year, and whether or not you achieved your business goals.Continue Reading…

What’s the Key to Running Your Practice Better? Understanding What Your Clients Want.


We live in a world where you no longer have to buy a newspaper or magazine—you can program mobile apps to curate news content to align with your personal areas of interest, enabling you to only receive articles about sports, specific aspects of the financial markets, and anything else you want to read, without having to skim through lots of irrelevant stories.Continue Reading…

White Paper: An Adviser’s Guide to Understanding Investors’ Digital DNA

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How can advisers use digital to connect, communicate, and customize services for clients?

While technology has transformed the way we consume information, goods, and services, it has not yet had the same impact on the way most individuals manage their personal finances and wealth.Continue Reading…

Generational Client Transfer: Creating a Sustainable Client-base for the Future

Anyone who has attended a client appreciation event for a financial planning firm recently may have noticed that the majority of attendees fell into the same age bracket — and that age bracket was greying. Amidst this distinguished crowd, the coveted Millennial demographic seems to have gone missing — with the exception of the waiters and host firm analysts.Continue Reading…