• Wealth management software that streamlines client service & business development

  • Introducing OranjMAX

    OranjMAX is the industry’s first open-access platform that gives financial professionals everything they need to provide new and existing clients an interactive and engaging experience.

  • Oranj

    Revolutionary software for servicing, collaborating, managing, and connecting with clients and prospects.


It’s about helping clients achieve their goals

Spend more time doing what you do best: advising your clients.

Modern Experience

Clients have access to their entire financial lives anytime, anywhere and can pivot their goals as life events unfold.

360° Service

Gain complete insight into the entire financial picture and address areas of opportunity to serve your clients as their needs arise.

Streamlined On-Boarding

Maximize your time and provide the same level of service no matter where they are located.

Two Powerful Solutions

OranjMAX is the industry’s first free wealth management software platform for advisers and their clients. The OranjMAX software allows advisers to utilize investment solutions created by some of the industry’s top asset managers.

The Oranj platform extends your service as an adviser with messaging, goal tracking and real-time collaboration tools. Giving you everything you need to do what you do best, advising your clients.

Digital Advice with a Human Touch

Oranj has created the world’s best digital experience for helping financial advisers work with people’s financial lives and personal goals, and one that empowers investors to make smart financial decisions, connect with financial professionals, and pursue better investing outcomes. To achieve this, Oranj builds software for servicing, collaborating, managing, and connecting using user-friendly applications for a fully interactive human-driven, technology-assisted experience.

Modern Adviser Experience

Our powerful platforms give advisers the tools needed to run efficient and effective practices in the modern age allowing you to focus on what matters most, your clients. With real-time insight into your client’s 360 degree financial picture, business intelligence capabilities instantly notify you of clients that need your service & collaboration features that extend your value as a trusted adviser.

Interactive Client Experience

Oranj helps advisers provide clients with a modern experience that they’ve come to know and expect from other services they use in their daily lives. Investors can access their complete financial picture wherever, and prospective clients can use these platforms to paint their financial situation for their adviser, leading to more compelling recommendations.

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The Shifting Economics of Adviser Technology

Financial technology has been slow to adopt the free software model that drives much of the digital world. Utilities that you use every day – email, document clouds, social networks – are completely free. Why should the digital tools required to run your practice be any different?

We’ve dug deep into these shifting economics and uncovered how advisers can reduce their overhead to pull ahead of the pack.

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  • Everything included in OranjMAX, plus:
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  • Integrated Messaging
  • Advanced Business Intelligence
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Empowering Advisers with Industry Expertise

Our latest white papers, studies and blog posts provides key insights into the industry’s latest trends.

What The Experts Are Saying

Beyond the standard CRM, portfolio management, and financial planning solutions, progressive advisory firms likely use tools that don’t integrate with one another. Oranj helps advisers consolidate such tools into one integrated, easy-to-manage, and affordable platform.”

Bill WinterbergFP Pad

Whether you want to strengthen your relationship with existing clients, attract new prospects, engage better with Gen X or Gen Y, or compete effectively with robo advisers, Oranj offers a tool set that may help. A fresh, digitally savvy approach to client communication and retention.

Joel BruckensteinTechnology Tools for Today

More than account aggregation or reporting, Oranj allows advisers to see when clients make changes in their assumptions, like retirement age, and makes it easy to contact the client sooner than annual meeting. A more collaborative way to work together.

Paul SullivanNY Times