Designed for the Adviser Experience

Oranj's wealth management software gives financial professionals everything they need to run an efficient practice and provide investors with an interactive and engaging experience. Best of all, it’s completely free to use.

Financial Advice for the Digital Age

Investors today want the same type of on-demand service that they’ve come to know and expect from other services they use in their daily lives. Clients can access their complete financial picture anytime, and prospective clients can utilize Oranj to quickly onboard and begin collaborating with their adviser, leading to a better experience.

Happy investor working with their adviser on Oranj's investor dashboard

Modern Experience

Provide clients with 360° access to their entire financial lives anytime, allowing them to see where they stand and connect with their adviser as life events unfold.

Graphic showing benefits of portfolio management, trading, and rebalancing

Easy Management

Boost back-office capabilities with cutting-edge portfolio management, trading, and rebalancing built on a decade of battle-tested software.

Reducing software costs and fees for advisers and investors with Oranj

Increase Profits

Oranj is completely free to use – now and forever. By reducing software costs and fees for advisers and investors, we’re helping make the advice business more profitable.

What’s Included Completely Free with Oranj?

Oranj’s all-in-one software powers every element of an advisory practice while reducing software costs and fees for advisers and investors – making the advice business more profitable. Here’s what advisers get for free with Oranj:

Dashboards ›

Monitor activity, portfolio performance, net worth, and more, while clients and prospects have their own portal to manage their finances.

Account Aggregation ›

Directly connect managed accounts from multiple custodians and aggregate held-aways for 360° insight.

Onboarding ›

Step-by-step setup lets clients and prospects build their entire financial profile and set goals in just a few minutes.

Digital Account Opening ›

Automate custodian specific paperwork and capture e-signatures for opening or transferring investment accounts.

Unlimited Document Vault ›

Share documents and eliminate lengthy meetings using Oranj’s unlimited document vault.

Goals ›

Track, monitor, and modify goals clients and prospects have created to help them succeed. Collaborate in real-time with instant messaging.

Model Marketplace ›

Adopt strategist or sub-advised models from leading asset managers, or create custom models that suit investors best.

Rebalancing ›

Optimize portfolios at lightning-fast speeds with rebalancing capabilities built on a decade of battle-testing.

Trading ›

Seamlessly trade securities across multiple custodians using straight-through order processing with a variety of customizations.

Three Ways Advisers Are Using Oranj

Oranj includes tools to support practices of any size or scale, all within a software that’s free to use.

A Complete Solution

With collaborative front-office tools, robust back-office capabilities, and world-class portfolio management, Oranj is an all-in-one solution to support all aspects of an advisory practice. Invite clients and prospects, communicate with them digitally, recommend customized investment strategies, and implement via trading and rebalancing – all within one platform, completely free.   See All Features ›


Digital Experience

For advisers who just need a modern client portal for their practice, Oranj contains a suite of client engagement features for servicing, managing, and connecting with clients and prospects. Oranj’s front-office capabilities allow advisers to digitally onboard new clients, aggregate managed and held-away accounts, monitor clients’ financial lives, open/transfer accounts, and so much more. Explore Client-Facing Capabilities ›


Powerful Back-Office

Advisers can also choose to use Oranj as a free, institutional-grade trading and rebalancing platform. Oranj helps advisers construct investment portfolios, conduct powerful and efficient portfolio rebalancing, execute straight-through order processing, and customize their back-office processes to meet their specific needs.  Explore Back-Office Tools ›

Innovative Investment Minds, All In One Place

Oranj features a model marketplace that includes some of the leading asset management firms – helping advisers reduce costs and leverage products and strategies that help investors meet their goals. Our marketplace includes a diverse group of investments that can fit within any investment strategy.


Leading asset management firms for investors on Oranj's Model Marketplace

How Can Advisers Maximize Trends In Advisory Technology?

The financial advice industry has seen seismic shifts over the past decade that have changed the very fabric of what it means to invest. Technology has been, and continues to be, a major driver of change in the industry. Every type of business – from wirehouses to independent broker-dealers to registered investment advisers – has integrated technology into the foundation of their services and processes.

However, all technology is not created equal – and neither are the benefits it can bring to advisers, institutions, and the investors they serve.

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Gain Key Insights Into the Industry's Latest Trends

Oranj Adds Aberdeen, Calamos, Invesco and Nationwide

e announcement brings an additional 191 products and models to the model marketplace, raising the total number to over 1,300.
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Take Oranj On-The-Go

Introducing the new mobile-friendly Investor Portal from Oranj that’s easier than ever for clients to manage their entire financial lives in brand-new ways.
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Bring Strategies to Life

Watch how Oranj makes it simple for advisers to custom-tailor investment strategies and service clients in new, modern ways.
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